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www.JoshGuide.com Learn How to Survive in any Situation and THOUSANDS of other Survival Techniques Anarchy… Chaos… Lawlessness… Armageddon… Terrorism… War… Famine… Natural disaster… Doomsday… Apocalypse… 2012…. No one can tell you for sure whether or not these events will come to fruition, but we can all agree that they represent possibilities We can also agree that if disaster strikes, the population will be divided into two categories: Those who are prepared and those who are not prepared… Which will you be? To survive- to even give yourself a fighting chance- you’ll need knowledge. You’ll need to know about: – Food and water preparation – Navigation – Tactics – Shelter – Contamination – Weaponry – First aid – Medicine – Construction – Self defense – Communication – And more… Luckily, one organization has been compiling this knowledge for hundreds of years: the United States Military- the strongest, most knowledgeable, and most prepared force ever assembled… …and we’ve packaged all of this information- an archive of centuries’ worth of survival data- into one essential source: The Ultimate Military Manuals Collection. 2012 is coming- and it’s not far off. Meanwhile, other dangers are continually evolving as natural forces erupt, unstable countries gain new technology, and terrorist organizations grow. It’s impossible to say for sure how each of these events will change our lives. With qualified experts on both sides of the fence, we simply
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