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KSU Diversity Summit Powwow 2010 Part 4

The men display Southern Grass Dances and a Warrior Tracking Dance. Here are Sonny Hawk (Standing Rock Sioux and Oto), Russell Harjo (Pawnee and Seminole) and Hyde Toppah (Kiowa/Navajo) as the warrior tracking the enemy. (Southern Men’s Straight Dancer)
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4 Responses to “KSU Diversity Summit Powwow 2010 Part 4”

  1. FentsPostProduction1 says:

    Thanks very much for that. My work is also on:
    Vimeo dot com. Search for “Fent’s Post Productions”

  2. TheYamila79 says:

    Awesome video! Keep up the good work!

  3. FentsPostProduction1 says:

    According to Dr. Leslie Hannah, the Cherokee professor from NSU who organized the event and provided the information here, there is indeed such a thing as Southern Grass Dancing. You should take it up with him. You can contact him at the college website.
    Thanks for your input, and my best to all of your relations!

  4. fromLAWRENCEKANSAS says:

    no such thing as southern grass dance

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